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Weight Loss

It is well known that being overweight is associated with serious health
issues such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Most people also want to lose weight to feel better and happier.

There are a vast array of diets out there, with nutrition experts, friends and celebrities ready with their testimonies of how this diet is The Answer to weight loss. It is extremely confusing to know who to listen to and which diet is The One. The internet, while an amazing source of information, confuses the whole issue of ‘the best diet’.

There is not a ‘one fits all approach’. What worked for your best mate may not suit you. Some of my clients need to see quick results to keep motivated, some need the slow and steady approach. Many have coexisting problems like infertility, chronic tiredness or digestion problems.

Mentally beating yourself up about being bigger than you want to be, and making the wrong food choices is soul destroying and can lead to a vicious circle of day to day under and over eating.

We need to relax and stop obsessing about food. Which ever approach we take, the aim is to get you to a happy place with yourself and your eating:

  • normal portion sizes
  • the most nourishing foods to make you feel great
  • stop getting hungry
  • foods to stop cravings
  • break old habits
  • easy to follow guidelines adapted to the way you live and the foods you like
  • advice on meals, snacks, shopping and eating out at your favourite restaurants