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Sports Nutrition

“The opportunities for performance gains are huge, and huge gains anyone can take advantage of”

Sarah Danaher is an Accredited Sports Dietitian, with 17 years of experience working with professional, elite and amateur athletes.

Clients include A1 Ireland cyclists, English Premiership Rugby, WTA Tennis, GB Acrobatic Gymnastics, GB Triathletes, elite athletics and amateur boxers.


Getting your nutrition strategy right will have significant effect on:

  • muscle/fat mass and power to weight ratio
  • recovery between training sessions
  • minimising fatigue
  • performance in training
  • competition day results


I tackle issues such as:

  • how to lose weight without compromising performance and muscle
  • getting your meals and snacks right
  • when to use sports bars, gels and drinks (and which ones!)
  • managing disordered eating/orthorexia/RED-S



Current and previous clients

A1 Irish Cyclist (December 2018) Goal: improve power to weight ratio by dropping weight and maintaining muscle mass (with no loss of training performance)

“I feel good and haven’t felt starving or restricted, as for my training I’ve not noticed any drop in energy or performance. My weigh in was surprisingly good, I lost 1kg exactly, a very promising start. Many thanks once again for your advice and help allowing me to achieve my goals”


Luke Penney, GBR Triathlete (July, 2016) Goal: resolving gastrointestinal issues which were hindering training and race day performance

“I am feeling so much better since our appointment, my stomach is feeling great. I feel much more like myself again in my training sessions and no longer feel as fatigued and heavy in my tough training sessions which is a huge relief.” 


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